Bento Harassment

2019 / 106' / Japan / In Japanese with Chinese & English subtitles / Colour

★ A heartwarming story based on a real-life mother & daughter and their awkward relationship.
    Bento (boxed lunch) packed with unexpressed thoughts

Hachijojima, a small Japanese island with beautiful blue waters and lush green mountains, is home to a single mother and her high school daughter who is going through her rebellious phase.
The girl who used to call her “Mommy” now totally ignores her and doesn’t even answer when spoken to. The exasperated mother seeks revenge using “bentos” (home-made boxed lunches) as her weapon. She names them “Iyagarase Bento” (Revenge Lunches) and for three long years, sends her teenaged daughter to school with cute mascot characters and sweet messages just to embarrass her.
Whether she comes home late from work or from drinking, she never fails to make her daughter a bento lunch dripping with sugar-coated messages of love. The daughter is appalled, but gradually, their bond deepens.
Time flows slowly on Hachijojima. After three long years, the final “bento” message is a thank you letter from mother to daughter. This true “bento” story, full of laughter and tears, is also a universal tale of mother-daughter love, which will resonate with all teens going through their rebellious phase.

 Dir:Renpei Tsukamoto

Cast:Ryoko Shinohara、 Kyôko Yoshine、Rena Matsui、 Kanta Satô、Ryûta Satô

About the director :

Renpei Tsukamoto, born in 1963, is a well-known director of the older generation inJapan. His famous works include "Ghost Caller" and "GODHAND".