Code: Circus in Manzhouli

2010s / 234' / China / In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles / Drama / Colour

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*Post-screening gathering

R for Recommendation

Circus in Manzhouli

“His film is a story between people in [a] community struggling with pain and fear and communication……it’s an extraordinary film” (Gus Van Sant)

“There’s nothing arch or artificial about the director’s drastic distensions of cinematic time; his volatile silences and wild outbursts unflinchingly reveal the raw survivalism, feral aggression, selfish depravity, and poisonous rage of a society abused by brute force and ruthless indifference and yielding to despair…… “with its chilling sense of a suspended time in which history, culture, beauty, and even memory seem erased, is among the greatest recent films.” (The New Yorker, Richard Brody)

Long and a bit unwieldy, and self-consciously philosophical in parts, yes, but the director's first (and sadly last) feature weaves together its narrative threads clearly and sturdily…… (The film is) A long, sad, moving swan song. (The Hollywood Reporter, Clarence Tsui)

“But the director’s single-minded stylistic focus builds into a panorama of a society with a true moralist’s eye. “ (Guardian, Phil Hoad)

“Staying close to the protagonists at all times, both literally and figuratively, the film patiently draws a profoundly empathetic portrait of human suffering that is at once epic and intimate.” (Sight & Sound, Giovanni Marchini Camia)

“The film at times feels engineered to grind us into dust by the efficacy of its portrait of a Schopenhauerian world of will, representation, and cruel impossibility. But the director’s compassion for these everyday survivors quickly grows infectious.” (Film Comment, Dan Sullivan)

* Text taken from the Surprise Film Festival brochure.

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Post-screening Gathering

This four-hour film envelops the audience in a sense of depression, but, as it approaches the end, you somehow want it to continue. This is surely the charm of cinema.

After the screening, a lounge is set in the Information Room for the audience to exchange their ideas and feelings about the film, and remember this as one of the greatest directorial debuts in Chinese speaking cinema.

Time: 27 - 28.04.2019(Gathering takes place after the 14:30 screenings of “Code: Circus in Manzhouli”)
Venue: Information Room, Cinematheque‧Passion