Hit Me Anyone One More Time

2019 / 127' / Japan / In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles / Color

★ Koki Mitani’s latest masterpiece

★ Featuring such top Japanese actors as Kiichi Nakai, Dean Fujioka and Eiko Koike

★ Unscrupulous politician loses memory overnight and turns into a kind person..

★ Reached 3.6 billion yen at the box office

 Dir﹕ Koki Mitani

Cast﹕Kiichi Nakai、Dean Fujioka、Yuriko Ishida、Masao Kusakari、Yoshino Kimura、Eiko Koike、Tanaka Kei

An all-new film by the popular screenwriter, producer and film director Koki Mitani, master of laughter and emotion. His eight full length feature film is set in the world of politics. Prime Minister Keisuke Kuroda is widely despised by his people and his approval ratings are the lowest in the history of Japan. One day while delivering a speech, a rock is hurled at him and knocks him unconscious. When he comes to the next day, his memory is lost and he is transformed from a ruthless, money and power-hungry politician into a simple, honest and very ordinary “old guy.” To avoid a national crisis, his mental state is kept secret from the people, his cabinet and even his family. With the help of his inner cadre – his private secretaries – Keisuke somehow manages to keep the government running. Eventually, he is liberated of all restraints and confronts the needs of Japan with a newfound earnestness and a true desire to change the nation…

Koki Mitani

Born in 1961 in Tokyo, Koki Mitani is a Japanese playwright, screenwriter, actor and film director. He studied dramatics at Nihon University and began his career in the TV industry as a student. In 1994, the TV comedy series Furuhata Ninzaburô made him famous. He became a film director in 1997 with the debut feature film Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald. His works are basically comedies full of wit, humor and parody. He usually writes a script visualizing the actors and actresses close to the characters. Well known works include: The Wow-Choten Hotel, The Magic Hour, A Ghost of A Chance, The Kiyosu Conference, Galaxy Turnpike.