Hold Your Hand

2018 / 40' / Macao / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles / Colour

Dir : Jess Hao、Kiwi Chan

Following Si Man, 0.38 and Life Band, and also Fu Hong Society and CASASMC, to rethink the denition of “vulnerable group”.

About the director : 

Kiwi Chan is a reporter and indie-lmmaker who started to produce Smiling Retirement Life, her first documentary, when she was studying in Beijing. Since those days, Chan kept on working ondocumentaries.

Jess Hao is a reporter and indi-lmmaker, studying M.F.A of Motion Picture at the TaiwanUniversity of Arts. Her work includes Hold Your Hand, Mama Dreams of Family, Typhoon Hato and Staring at You.

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