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1980s / 124' / Japan / In Japanese with Chinese & English subtitles / Sci-Fi / Colour

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Neo-Tokyo Incident

(30 March 2019, NEO-TOKYO) Thousands of citizens and students marched on Neo-Tokyo and protested the new tax policy introduced by the preceding prime minister despite the high unemployment rate. The protest turned violent following the severe clash between the military forces and students.

During the chaos, a biker gang intruded into the Tokyo area that has been sealed off since World War III. Eyewitnesses also claimed that two biker gangs were armed and went into combat. A child was injured during the combat and a series of explosions followed. The military attempted to capture the gangsters in a chase involving helicopters. A man in a red leather jacket printed with the image of a pill was arrested. He is suspected to be one of the gangs’ leaders.

The injured child, who is allegedly manufactured under the military’s “new mankind” development project, has been sent to hospital. The military have not yet made further comments on this rumour.

No immediate link can be established between the explosion triggered by the child and the tax resistance; however, citizens’ trust in the government has diminished significantly.

Tax resistance tension continues to be severe. Explosions and terrorist attacks continue in Neo-Tokyo and western Tokyo. Some anti-government groups have commenced unlawful assembly by gathering in groups and calling out a slogan, “Long live freedom”.

Citizens in Neo-Tokyo believe that the new tax policy is being implemented for the financial preparation of the country’s hosting of the following year’s Olympics. 

* Text taken from the Surprise Film Festival brochure.

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Film Talk: Honkaz Fung X Anna 

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