Code: One-minute Friend

1990s / 94' / Hong Kong / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles / Romance / Color

Please note refunds and exchange for tickets are not available. Due to the nature of surprise screening, titles of the featured films of the festival will not be announced. Please quote codes when buying your tickets.

  • Why should I be your friend?
  • Look at my watch.
  • Why should I?
  • Just for a minute
  • Time's up. What now?

  • What's today's date?
  • The 16th.
  • The 16th. April 16th.
  • April 16th, 1960, one minute before 3:00.
  • We were here together. I'll always remember that minute because of you.
  • From now on, we're one-minute friends.
  • It's a fact. You can't deny it. It's already happened. “

Tickets are available from 10am on Saturday 16 March online and at Cinematheque.Passion ticket office. Ticket price is MOP$60. Full-time students and senior citizens age 65 or above can enjoy 50% discount. Each purchase of 10 regular tickets or more can also enjoy 20% discount.Book 4 or more tickets in a single transaction and get a 2nd anniversary ticket wallet. Souvenirs are subject to availability and on a first-come-first-served basis.

Post-screening talk: His Days of Being Wild