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1990s / 117' / Japan / In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles / Romance / Color

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Title: Time Regained: In Search of Lost Time, Vol. VI

Author: Marcel Proust

Publishing Year: 1927

Marcel Proust was born in an upper-class family in France. Since his parents’ death, Proust’s health has deteriorated. He attempts to recall his past through literature, penning his most prominent, three-million-word oeuvre In Search of Lost Time. Written in a first-person narrative, the book is regarded as a modern classic example of “stream of consciousness” narration. It combines personal feelings and observation and its immediacy feels like a collection of memories.

In Search of Lost Time unfolds the protagonist’s childhood, first love and historical background in retrospect. The narration shifts through different periods of time and reminisces over the lost ones.

It is said that time plays the key role in this memory-laden classic. Proust attempts to regain lost time and memory through words, “Life in memory is more realistic than that of the local real life at that time.”

We recommend the final volume, Time Regained, which follows the protagonist as he recalls the good old days of his return to the house of the Prince de Guermantes. He remembers the piece of madeleine that evokes waves of memories and laments the lost time, as the narrator states "The only paradise is paradise lost."


It is discovered that some readers recently borrowed a great number of barely-read books in a short period of time, and purposely damaged them with scrawls and signatures on the record cards on the back.

It is strictly forbidden to damage record cards, which are used for library management, with personal remarks (such as writing love letters).

Readers, as well as the librarian, are advised to keep the cards clean.

*Text taken from the Surprise Film Festival brochure.

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