The Heart of a Craftsman

2018 / 18' / Macao / In Cantonese with English subtitles / Color

A father and a daughter live in the historic district of Macao. The daughter Jess is an office lady who works hard everyday. In her heart, she sees father as a craftsman who operates the ancestral tofu shop wholeheartedly. Father hopes Jess to be like her name, "Don't forget the heart". Under the encouragement of her father, Jess decides to sell her artwork in the cultural and creative shop at the historic district and becomes a full-time craftsperson. However, when typhoon "Hato" hits Macao, it also hits the tofu shop, which located in the main disaster area, and the alocation of the place where Jess was going to sell her artwork is put on hold. Despite the ruthless challenge of the typhoon, the enthusiasm of father and daughter does not diminish as they face the difficulties and stick to the original intention together.

Dir: Weng Seng Sin

Vincent creates his productions by applying his unique perception of the world. He came into contact with photography and video productions since childhood. He has participated in local productions, including photography, videos, music videos and TV advertisements. He is the champion of the local TV advertisement competition "Be A Responsible Pet Owner", 2010. In 2011, he participated in a local music video “Kill Me Tender” as assistant-director, photographer, editor and post-producer. In 2013, he directed a music video “Nightboat” for local music band BladeMark. He is now a freelance photographer who actively participates in local productions.

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