2018 / 108' / France / French with Chinese & English subtitles / Color

★ Exhilarating! Latest film by Pierre Salvadori

★ SACD Award at Director’s Fortnight

★ A marvel of French comedy!

In a town on the French Riviera, detective Yvonne is the young widow of police chief Santi, a local hero. When she realizes her husband was not exactly the model of virtue so idolized by their young son, and that an innocent young man, Antoine, has spent 8 years in prison as Santi’s scapegoat, she is thrown into turmoil. Yvonne wants to do everything she can to help this very charming Antoine get back to his life and his wife. Everything that is, except telling the truth. But Antoine is having trouble adjusting to life on the other side, to say the least, and soon blows a fuse leading to a spectacular sequence of events.

About the director

Pierre Salvadori

Born on 8 November 1964 in Tunisia, Pierre Salvadori studied literature and cinema at the Censier site of the New Sorbonne University of Paris. He also pursued training in drama. In 1984, he made his acting debut in stand-up and then, in 1989, wrote his first film script, which would become three years later his first feature film, Wild Target. He is currently one of France’s most hardworking directors, having directed such national successes as The Apprentices (1995), After You (2003), Priceless (2006), Beautiful Lies (2014) and In the Courtyard (2014). His latest film, The Trouble with You
(2018), won the SACD Award at Cannes Director’s Fortnight.

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