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【Hirer Programme】 Sandscape of life —— HOICHIU Sand Animation Screening

32' / Hong Kong / No Subtitle / Color

Through the works in the short film collection, you can enter the sand animation world of the tide and feel the unique emotions and the power of the story conveyed by the moment the sand falls. This is a journey of exploration that goes deep into multiple aspects of life. Whether it is feeling the true emotions of human interaction in "Digisolate", or the pursuit and joys and sorrows of each stage of life in "Red Egg", as well as the positive fighting spirit displayed in "How She Lives Her Life" , they all emphasize the importance of human emotions and life values.


Red Egg

How She Lives Her Life



Digital + Isolate = DIGISOLATE. A boy living in the digital world meets an old woman, the joy and happiness from true human encountering impress the boy much. Finally, the boy witnesses the vanishing of the old lady, reflecting the more digital world connects, the more isolate we are.

2017 | Color | No language | 15 minutes

"Red Egg"

RED EGG is sand animation consist of 1582 individual sand painting. The story is about ones life from start to the end, with the desire of chasing dream among every stages of life. It is about love, sadness, anxiety, sickness, religion... all about life

2016 | Color | No language | 5 minutes

"How She Lives Her Life"

As a renowned sand painting artist internationally, Hoichiu wishes to utilize his own talent to record the story of his own mother. The story is about how his mother come to Hong Kong to escape war, she created her own life with one hand handicap, finally started her family and lived fully. Her story witnessed the rapid development of Hong Kong as well as demonstrate the hard-working spirit of Hong Kong people.

2021 | Color | No language | 12 minutes

Director: HoiChiu

Hoi Chiu, renowned local sand painting artist, his skills has been highly appreciated internationally. Hoi Chiu successfully made sand art popular in HK. He demonstrated his multi talent on puppets, paintings and stage performances with various movies, TV stations and publishing medias. Since 2015 Hoi Chiu further develop sand art into animation, his first sand animation “RED EGG” has won The Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICT Awards) 2016: Best Digital Entertainment Award (Animation & Visual Effects Stream) Silver Award, and Special Mention (Visual Effects).

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